not yours

If I say "I got the third place in a scholarship application", it doesn't look bad.

But there is money only for the first two persons. Sometimes, close is not enough. So, without money, I won't be able to study in Europe... damn...

Maybe next year... maybe not.

Note: The application was, as you can see, for a doctoral scholarship in Spain... my broken English has no effect here...

8 thoughts on “not yours”

  1. Hmhm. If you're prepared to consider non-Spanish Europe, I'd try Germany. They are always looking for Ph. D. students and usually have a position netting ~1000 / month with it. Those come with teaching, but that seems to be English for advanced courses as well. Also, some of the European research network funding has special budgets for positions for non-Europeans... But I don't do C.S., so I would not know about the specifics there, but I would imagine it is similar to my area of experience.

  2. Cuál es el sentido de censurar los nombres en la imágen si en esa misma imágen pones un link al pdf donde están ? :)

  3. Can you mention some those "European research network funding"? Maybe you prefer write to my e-mail luciano (at) debian (dot) org

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