looking for a sponsor to travel to defcon16

Warning: read the last update first. No more contributions are needed :D

The last weeks have been very active. A lot of e-mails from people and magazines, a lot of congratulations and a lot of free beer made me feel like a rock star :) Thanks a lot to everyone. I really appreciated that.

And maybe this petition would sound you like an abuse of this situation. And maybe you are right.

The fact is, I need an sponsor to travel to Defcon16, in Las Vegas, the next August. I need a flight ticket, 3 or 4 nights in a hotel and 2 meals per day.

I’ve been accepted to explain the Debian/OpenSSL problem and I’m dying to be there. If you work for a company which is looking for a nice way to say “thank you”, please consider this option :)

Contact me at luciano <alt+64> debian.org for more details. Thanks.

update (13 minutes later): I just received confirmation from the Black Hat organization to be an alternative speaker there too! So I will need to fund 5 extra nights... :D

update (Jun. 6th): I already have a sponsor! :D. Thanks a lot to all the contributors/mentors/impeller ppl, especially to physical people for the monetary-small-but-emotionally-significant colaborations: Juan Tula and Alejandra García.

6 thoughts on “looking for a sponsor to travel to defcon16”

  1. pero no en paypal, cuando nos encontremos, colaboro con algo
    ya con la alegría de que estés alli, colaboro con algo
    besos, por vos, claro y por la argentina tambien!!

  2. Te felicito luciano, no por encontrar el bug sino porque sos un verdadero argento!! Me parecio genial lo que pedis! y ojala te puedas ir con todo pago!

    Un abrazo

  3. Mirando la extensa lista de speakers de la DefCon Nº 16, me di cuenta que viajarías.

    Mis felicitaciones para vos, realmente da mucho gusto que cada vez vayan más personas de Argentina a TAN gran espectáculo.

    Éxitos, nos vemos en algún evento.

    (aka Cher0keE - cherokee.com.ar)

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