2 thoughts on “operating elements of a finite lattice is now easy(?)”

  1. Hey, I've tried it with a non lattice value (adding another number) and explodes.. :P maybe to catch it would be nice.

    I can see it depends on: graphviz, imagemagick, tcpdump & python-scapy, not only scapy as you mention on google code.

    Anyway, the results are very nice! Congrats! :)

  2. The explosion is probably on purpose (check line 72). I deliberately raise an exception if the given value is not a lattice element.

    AFAIK, python-scapy == scapy. At least in my Debian, python-scapy has a "Suggests" field with tcpdump, graphviz and imagemagick. The graph part is totally optional. The essence (if exists) is the operations between elements.

    I will release a little type checker this week that use this lib.

    Thanks for your comments!


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