Debconf a la mexicana

Amaya, H0lger and many other people are leaving to Mexico. Those news, the impatience, the gimp and the tickets in my hand mixed each other and this image resulted.

You are invited to become a Marichi too. Here is the Gimp file, or you can use your own imagination.

I'm leaving this night, and tomorrow I will be in Mexico. I want to be there now! :)

3 thoughts on “Debconf a la mexicana”

  1. Can I use you as a mariachi??!!..
    .. another gimp's worderful job..

    Spend a good time in Mexico!!!, and have fun! (as in every Debconfs..)

    PD: The picture was taken with your new camera??, what are those things behind?? salamis??

  2. >what are those things behind??

    I've see it already!!, it's a draw in the wall!!, I didn't realize that till I'd open it with the gimp...


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