When your laptop is being repaired (and it's still there, since August 28) you need imaginative ways to be connected.

Here is my Nokia N800 as something near to a desktop computer.

Just few notices:

  • life battery is really short when you plug too many things to the USB interface.
  • usbcontrol rules
  • solder a female-female USB adapter is easy and funny (it came from a broken motherboard)
  • after some weeks using Maemo, ideas about developing applications to it come to my mind
  • the mail client and the browser included with Maemo suck
  • my ocular health is being damaged

9 thoughts on “aUSBusing”

  1. Nice stuff! Agreed re: the maemo mail client. "Modest" was ok, but I guess you can use mutt fine with a full size keyboard like this. You remind me I need to sort my n800 out to sell.

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