looking for a sponsor to travel to defcon16

Warning: read the last update first. No more contributions are needed :D

The last weeks have been very active. A lot of e-mails from people and magazines, a lot of congratulations and a lot of free beer made me feel like a rock star :) Thanks a lot to everyone. I really appreciated that.

And maybe this petition would sound you like an abuse of this situation. And maybe you are right.

The fact is, I need an sponsor to travel to Defcon16, in Las Vegas, the next August. I need a flight ticket, 3 or 4 nights in a hotel and 2 meals per day.

I’ve been accepted to explain the Debian/OpenSSL problem and I’m dying to be there. If you work for a company which is looking for a nice way to say “thank you”, please consider this option :)

Contact me at luciano <alt+64> debian.org for more details. Thanks.

update (13 minutes later): I just received confirmation from the Black Hat organization to be an alternative speaker there too! So I will need to fund 5 extra nights... :D

update (Jun. 6th): I already have a sponsor! :D. Thanks a lot to all the contributors/mentors/impeller ppl, especially to physical people for the monetary-small-but-emotionally-significant colaborations: Juan Tula and Alejandra García.